Lonaverbas: A Professional Translation Company

Lonaverbas is a globally operating service provider for linguistic services including translation, proofreading and editing, as well as multilingual DTP, translation memory and terminology management, turn-key localization solutions, file format conversions and much more. Our worldwide network of highly qualified translators, language professionals and DTP experts cater to an ever-increasing portfolio of our valued clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver precise translations tailor-made to their requirements. Our translators are technically qualified linguists and native speakers of all major European and other languages of the world. We continuously enhance our network to also encompass rare language combinations in our services. The fields of specialization are as broad-ranging as the linguistic and technical skills possessed by our professional translators. Science/engineering, IT, networking and telecommunications, localization, business/finance, advertising and legal are the most significant branches where our specialization lies. The key features of our services – excellent quality, on-time delivery, process integrity and transparency, continually improved quality management and last but not least, affordability – have established our reputation among the clients and have helped us to create a permanent niche for ourselves in the ever-growing translation market. Our mission is to comprehensively satisfy customer needs and facilitate internationalization of our customers' businesses from a linguistic perspective. Our completely Internet-based translation service offers a high quality/price ratio. This is based on our optimization of project management technology and availability of skilled human resources hand in hand.

4 Reasons why clients choose Lonaverbas

  • Pre-selected and dedicated linguists for every client
  • Reduced time-to-market through automated technology
  • Key industry and Subject-Matter Expertise
  • Complete linguistic support (Software Localization, DTP & Print, Multimedia, SE & Plain English)

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